The LP DAAC Product Service. It provides information about LP DAAC products.


product The product to return information for. Accepts wildcard *. Accepts comma separated list. Product may specify version as well (i.e. MOD09A1.006) False
version The product version to return. Format may include leading zeros or decimals (i.e. 5, 005, 5.5, 006) 5 False
title The Product title information. Also known as Long Name. Search accepts wildcard *. False
archive_center The Archive Center of the Product. False
data_center The Data Center of the Product. False
response Specifies the output fields for the results. bands, links, title, app-appname, (comma separated field list [semi-colon separated sub field list]) title False
output The output style for the results. json xml json json_pretty False




{"collection_data": {"version": null, "summary": "", "spatial_extent": "", "parent_id": "undefined", "file_size": "", "file_format": "", "layers": [{"description": "Demo", "data_type": "Type", "units": "Unit", "scale_factor": "Scale", "valid_range": "Range", "fill_value": "Fill value", "sds_name": "MCD43A4 - Layer 1"}], "doi": "", "temporal_granularity": "", "grid_dimensions": "", "tiles_per_frame": "", "id": "undefined", "temporal_extent": "", "title": "Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance 16-Day L3 Global 500m", "notification": "", "datum": "", "spatial_granularity": "", "coordinate_system": "", "collection_name": "MCD43A4"}}